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Who We Are

We believe in the value proposition of HBCUs and that they’re just as relevant today as they were when HBCUs were first created. We know that HBCUs are a hub of Black intellectual capitalism, and that greatness has come out of HBCUs. We know that time changes things and that increased competition from other universities vying for Black college students presents unique challenges for HBCUs. We also know that funding is limited and that today’s students are different from how students of past have been engaged, recruited, and retained.

At the core of HBCU Branding Agency is higher education marketing, but at the heart of what we do is understand the tradition and storied history of HBCUs and how that resonates with current and future students, alumni and supporters, and your stakeholders and the community at large. We know that there is a culture at HBCUs that must be the underpinning of raising awareness, supporting student recruitment, and deeply engaging alumni as givers and contributors to the university’s continued growth.

Ultimately, our intimate understanding of the HBCU culture and our data driven approach to marketing is how we work with HBCUs to raise awareness, grow enrollment, strengthen alumni engagement, and connect with Black millennials.

We think you would love working with us. Call us at (305) 741-0378 or email at to learn more about our work. HBCU Branding is part of the parent agency, Blueprint Creative Group.