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Why One University Requires All Freshmen To Take A Coding Course

June 4, 2017

It’s not just a trend. Coding really is the new math, and any forward-thinking university would want to figure out how to integrate coding into all program curriculums. Partnering with tech companies for on-campus programming or hosting bootcamps on campus is a start. And it’s not only STEM related degree programs that could benefit. Almost all industries will be impacted by technology and innovation in some way. The jobs of the future won’t look like they currently look and will require a new way of thinking and analyzing. So equipping students in advance with coding skills, particularly minority students and young women, is key to  setting them up for future success.

What if coding courses became the standard for students like Freshman Orientation is? Miami University’s Farmer School of Business thinks so and has made it a requirement for all incoming freshmen. Here’s the full story.

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